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Wikkid Times
By: Beat Pharmacy
Label: Deep Space Media
Release ID: DS-50200
Released: 2008-11-03

Price: CD album $13.00 Buy now  
Track: Version: Listen:
Rooftops feat. Coppa   Click to Listen!  
Time feat. Damon   Click to Listen!  
Strangers feat. Spaceape   Click to Listen!  
Sunshine feat. Paul St Hilaire   Click to Listen!  
Hope & Frustration feat. Ras B   Click to Listen!  
House of Love   Click to Listen!  
Piece of Mind feat. Coppa   Click to Listen!  
Ghostship feat. Spaceape   Click to Listen!  
Nuclear Race feat. Paul St Hilaire   Click to Listen!  
Backwards Never feat. Infinity   Click to Listen!  
Assassination of the Mind feat. Ras B.   Click to Listen!  
Beat Pharmacy’s fourth and most ambitious album to date is a collection of protest dub songs that combine deep and poetic lyricism of the very timely kind with atmospheric dub techno grooves. The result is a compelling and haunting record that is bound to float around in the listener’s head long after the music stops. Thick sub-dub basslines burble beneath reverberating chords while echoing melodies and textures dance atop syncopated grooves.

The album opens with the catchy “Rooftops” that features socially conscious UK MC, Coppa. Think LKJ and the Stereo MC’s meets Luomo. On “Time,” Damon Aaron offers up a fragile folk-style vocal with a beautiful choral harmony that drifts in an out of the Augustus Pablo-style melodica. Simply epic. Mysterious UK dub poet, Spaceape proves on “Strangers” and “Ghostship” why he is fast becoming the most sought after vocal among dubstep producers. His articulate lyrics are reminiscent of some of the greatest protest singers of our time. Paul St. Hilaire offers up two distinctly different vocals. On “Sunshine” he croons his way through the bass heavy rhythm, while on “Nuclear Race” he delivers the vocal as if he was sitting next to you in a quiet room. All the vocalists involved have stepped up to the plate BIG TIME. There are no preaching or clichés here, just heartfelt truth innovation.

Brendon and the vocalists have delivered an album that deserves to be heard.

Here is what people in the know say:

"Congratulations for such an amazing album!! Really really great! Thanks for sending me that. Respect!"
- Renato Cohen

"Smooth, deep, and lovely album that deserves to be heard in and outside of the electronic music sphere. Full Support"
- Dan Curtin

"This is truly an awesome album, this one will be labeled a classic :) Strangers is my personal fave, its mega tasty OMFG!
The beats, the dub, the bass, the vocals! Holy!"
- Cari Lekebusch

"Really feel this piece of superb work, all tracks have any special thing which makes it very special and unique." - Kiko Navarro.

Right off the bat these three stand out. Time fits currently with the likes of Lu Lu Rouge and Nightwalker by Trentmoeller which I'm currently spinning at every gig. Still playing Mental Universe and Drifter. I will be playing the above mention for the next few years.”

“I love the direction of the songs.. quite different and sonically solid!”
- Osunlade

“I can't express how good this is - right on the money!
'Time' in particular is taking be back to a Jamaican 70's dancehall, 'air melodica'!”
-Craig Morrison

"The track that stands out for me is Hope & Frustration. Real slow burner with a nice build to it. I will use it on my radio show on MoS and it will be a killer track for after sunset in the summer. Can't wait."
- Andy Warburton

“They're definitely going into my late night bliss play list. Totally heady, trippy, dubby, just like I like it!”
-Richard Zuluaga

“What else can i say apart from SUPERB this is really SUPERB”
“Absolutely stunning, what else can i say ????”
- Laurent Garnier

“Wow - what can I say? First of all, thank you! This is fantastic, deep, moody, emotive, moving music. Real space stuff. I'm in the outer stratospheres at the moment.”
– DJ Cosmo

“One of the best dub & vocals & rap albums to come out in ages! Respect!”
- Dj Morpheus

“I love Brendon's dub sensibility. Deep space is perfect description.”
-Chris Fortier

“Btw, great tracks ! nice vibe...!!! afro detroit ambient...really nice !!”
–DJ Hell

“I'm really feeling it. It's a logical next step for BP. I've been following Brendon's music for a while now, and this definitely is one of his best outings.” - Tomas Palermo (freelance journalist)


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