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Mental Universe (feat. Negus Shabaka)
By: Beat Pharmacy
Label: Deep Space Media
Release ID: DS-50186
Released: 2007-11-27

Beat Pharmacy's Mental Universe
Price: 10" Single Vinyl $6.00 Buy now  
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Mental Universe Album Mix  Click to Listen!  
Mental Universe Dub  Click to Listen!  
Beat Pharmacy goes into the fusion of dubstep and tech house featuring the hypnotic Jamaican voice of Negus Shabaka. The flip side also includes a broken beat dub mix.

-Ashley Beedle "Thanks for the Mental Universe download. It's a wicked production and I really look forward to playing both mixes out."

-Tedd Patterson "Mental, indeed. Can’t wait to drop these. sounds amazing and phat and fat and buzzy and atmospheric and all of those things that I live for. noice mite!"

-Hector Romero "Wicked stuff! Really feeling the mixes."

-Laurent Garnier "Great stuff. I like it very much. Full club support from me!! Merci"

-Lost Heroes "Thanks for the files (music) I’m a big fan of Brendon Moeller’s productions. Feelin' the dub version the most, which borrows idea's from the current "dubstep" London sound & the omnipresent tech dub sounds aspect of his work! Def gonna play this one ~ Bellisimo! "

-Keith Blackstone "Fantastic stuff! I feel like I'm in the middle of Deep Space bugging out waiting for Francois to kill us with another techno tune, using this tune to set the mood and build anticipation! Two big thumbs up!"

Dub music transcends time and space, defies logic and induces new patterns of human movement. Deep Space Media, a division of Wave Music, is devoted to promoting the sounds and feel of future dub and Beat Pharmacy is its latest ambassador of soul.

“Mental Universe” is the searing second single from “Steadfast,” Beat Pharmacy’s stellar full length album that Wave Music unleashed on the world earlier this summer. Beat Pharmacy is Brendon Moeller – he’s the man with the plan, the knob twiddler in the studio and aural visionary. Lucky for listeners this time around, he teamed up with Brooklyn MC Negus Shabaka for an epic track about the twisted future of our modern world. His deep powerful vocals add a haunting, thought-provoking and unforgettable refrain to this Jamaica-meets-outer-space cut that is utterly hypnotic. Sexy, driving percussion is paired with cosmic bits and transformative echo effects, giving the classic dub sound a whole new life.

“Mental Universe” is a song with a message that will sink in quickly on the dance floor. Beat Pharmacy’s universe is seemingly in another dimension of sound but this record invites you to come in for a smoke, a groove and a funk filled musical vibe.

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