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By: Pete Heller
Label: Wave Music
Release ID: WM-50157
Released: 2005-10-18

Pete Heller's Timewarp
Price: 12'' single vinyl $6.00 Buy now  
Track: Version: Listen:
Timewarp Original Mix  Click to Listen!  
Timewarp Beat Pharmacy Remix  Click to Listen!  
Timewarp Dub (Edit)  Click to Listen!  
"Timewarp", Pete Hellerís second release from his UK label PHELA, finds a new home! When François K. dropped this into his Deep Space sets, both Francois and A&R man Rob Sperte instantly fell in love with it. They immediately licensed it for Wave Music and enlisted Brendon Moeller (aka Beat Pharmacy) for exclusive U.S. remixes. "Timewarp" has a memorable, instantly classic vibe due to Pete's cinematic and visualistic approach to sounds, creating a strong abstract atmosphere and a moving dancefloor vibe.

The A side serves up Pete's original mix, featuring a Fingers Inc & chicago house stylin' bassline and wildly jazzed spaced out keys. Those two elements alone carry the track, but the big pumping beats and Pete's ace mix moves make this track a peak and a chart topper. The original dub version appears as the inside cut on the B side. A true dub in every way, keeping with the vibe of the original with tripped out effects and added mix moves that fans of Chicken Lips and the legendary Larry Levan will pant for.

Beat Pharmacy's remix starts it out on side B. Brendon uses his trademark filtered analogue synths and dub influenced skills to re-shape the journey. Layers of sounds with wicked filtering techniques add more of a psychedelic vibe. It could be the housiest mix we've heard from Brendon yet. This is a great remix for house heads who are into Timewriter or Aril Brihka.


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