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The Dominical EP
By: Sans Soleil & Genevieve
Label: Wave Music
Release ID: WM-50156
Released: 2005-09-13

Sans Soleil & Genevieve's Dominical
Price: 12'' single vinyl $6.00 Buy now  
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Dominical   Click to Listen!  
Orange-Grey   Click to Listen!  
Somnambule   Click to Listen!  
Following his brilliant full-length debut on Transmat, "Sans Soleil", Michael Trommer delivers three new tracks that shimmer with innovative sounds which defy a category. Instead they groove with deep, hypnotic emotion. Michael constructs a sound and a trip that comfortably fits within the realm of works by Jori Hulkonnen, Liebe Ist Cool and
techno legends, Yello.

Hailing from the northern city of Toronto, Michael joins the likes of Richie Hawtin, Dave Angel and Brennan Green (to name a few), in delivering a techno and house sound that is uniquely and undoubtedly influenced by its neighboring city of Detroit, the home of Detroit Techno.

The A side cut, "Dominical", begins the journey with deep, hypnotic pads & minimal techno beats as it gradually builds with funky disco styled clavi-guitar riffs, cut-up voices of Genevieve, seductive bass and a whirling, groovy atmosphere. After listening to this track and experiencing the twisted, bumping second bassline two thirds of the way through, many of you will understand our reference to Yello and Liebe Ist Cool.

The B side tracks, "Orange–Grey" & "Somnambule”, feature much more of Genevieve's haunting, avant garde style as she adds to the atmospheric, deep house structure of both tracks.

Turn it up, tune in & get turned on to this unique Wave release that will have wide appeal to heads from Detroit to Cologne, Germany and all the spaces between.


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