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Alive/The Last Song On Earth
By: D'Malicious
Label: Wave Music
Release ID: WM-50138
Released: 2004-03-16

D'Malicious Alive
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Alive   Click to Listen!  
The Last Song On Earth   Click to Listen!  
From the very beginning of this one, you'll know that you're in for a treat. Opening with a high-energy house beat, D'Malicious takes his time bringing one syncopated synth layer in after another to build an intriguing groove. He lets the tension sit just long enough to get every head nodding to the staccato pulse, and then surprises you with a sudden leap into a driving beat and a distant liquid melody. The overall vibe is uplifting and warm, a luscious juxtaposition of enveloping synthesizers and tight, snappy rhythms. You'll immediately understand why it's called 'Alive'.

The Last Song On Earth
This track jumps right off the record! A quick high-pitched cycling melody mingles with jangling metal percussion over a pounding kick drum. Before you know what's happening, you're brought into a world of gently muted chords and thick percussive layers, a dense collage of rhythm and sound. When the beat drops out, the pulse carries on just as strongly without it as sharper synths whistle quiet melodies. The track builds momentum and creates a driving energetic pulse under the soaring melodies.


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