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Kevin Aviance
Kevin Aviance The artist on the web:
Kevin Aviance's Website
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Dance For Love Released: Jul 17th, 2000
Price: CD single $5.00, 2 x12" single vinyl $9.00
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Box Of Chocolates Released: Oct 12th, 1999
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Rhythm Is My Bitch Released: Jul 29th, 1999
Price: CD single $5.00, 12'' single vinyl $6.00
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Join In The Chant Released: Mar 2nd, 1999
Price: CD single $5.00
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Join In The Chant Released: Oct 8th, 1998
Price: 12'' single vinyl $6.00
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Din Da Da (Remixes plus Originals CD) Released: Aug 27th, 1997
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Din Da Da (The Remixes) Released: Aug 5th, 1997
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Din Da Da Released: May 27th, 1997

About Kevin Aviance


Kevin Aviance does not fit into one category of entertainment. He is at once an entertaining performer, a recording artist whose songs top the charts and vibrate through the club world, an innovator of fashion and style, a model and muse of top designers, a talented and studied dancer, or, as he likes to call himself, an "Entity". Whatever one decides to label him, one fact is clear: everything he touches seems to turn to gold, and fans cannot get enough of this energy.

Kevin Avianceís music is a mixture of underground funk and bustling house rhythms, performed with such energy, fervor, and wittiness that everyone is out of their seats, letting loose, and dancing when he hits the stage. Avianceís debut album, "Box of Chocolates," (produced by Wave Music) includes "Cunty," a club cult hit, "Din Da Da," which reached number one on the Billboard charts, and "Rhythm is my Bitch," which rose to number two on the Billboard charts.
Avianceís style is unrivaled--he has the glam and funk appeal of Missy Elliot, the unique and unabashed gender-bending style of Marilyn Manson, and the avant-garde fashion sense of David Bowie in the 70ís. Aviance has performed with a list of luminaries any up-and-coming artist would dream of, including Madonna, Whitney Houston, Cher, Lilí Kim, Mary J. Blige, Natalie Cole, Cindy Lauper, and Bette Midler.
Aviance, who credits Boy George, Grace Jones, and David Bowie as major influences, has such a fascinating and commanding presence that one has to see him perform live to truly understand the phenomenon. Aviance is constantly requested to host events around the world, because the raw energy and glamorous atmosphere that he creates seem to "make" the night. Aviance has worked with celebrated djs including Junior Vasquez, Victor Calderone, Basement Jaxx, Deep Dish, François Kevorkian, Danny Tenaglia, and Grammy Award-winners Peter Rauhofer and Hex Hector. With a fan base stretching from New York to Tokyo, Aviance has hosted events at legendary clubs around the world such as the former Sound Factory, Twilo, The Ministry of Sound, Roxy, Centro Fly, Arena, and Womb, and performed all over Europe, Asia, South America, and the United States.

Kevin Aviance was raised in Richmond, Virginia, in a close-knit family with seven siblings. From a young age, Aviance dedicated himself to the study of music and theatre. Kevinís career as a performance artist and club personality began in Washington DC, continued in Miami, and eventually landed him at the epicenter of the club and music scene: New York City. In 1989, the House of Aviance was founded in Washington DC by Mother Juan Aviance. The House of Aviance currently reigns the club scene in NYC with DJ's Drag-Queens, singers, dancers, actors, visual artists, performance artists, set designers etc., some of whom make appearances with him around the world.

Kevin Aviance is managed by Prova Group and is signed with Tony Moran at Emerge Records. Currently, Aviance is working on his next album, "Entity," which is due for release in February 2002 and made his first national film debut in Urban World Filmís "Punks" this fall. The single "Alive," one of the songs on the album remixed by Junior Vasquez and Victor Calderone is slated to become a major dance hit. Kevin Aviance is truly a unique performer whose style, presence, and ability are unparalleled.

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