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Eternal Sun
Eternal Sun
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Growin' Up Released: Feb 20th, 2001
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Afro-Swyped Released: Jan 28th, 2000
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6/8 Drumz Released: Dec 7th, 1998
On Compilation:
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Wave Summer Sampler '99 Released: Aug 10th, 1999

About Eternal Sun

Eternal Sun started as an idea, to bring the authentic sounds of tribal cultures to the dance floor. An idea that required traditional instruments blended with electronic drums, synthesized sounds, and where possible, a vocal/chanting hook. Many sunday afternoons would find Matt-Keyz exercising in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. The Parkside entrance he used was the path that lead to some of the most incredible sounds of drumming you could ever hear. All races drumming to one beat, trying as hard as possible to stay on beat. One day after riding through the park Matt-Keyz decided to stop and listen to the drummers. The Drummer's Circle was an experience that he had witnessed as a child and more recently in his journeys through the park for the past four weeks. "I must have stood and listened for hours... three or four easily." They began to play a 6/8 rhythm which lasted for at least 20 minutes or more. "The beat was so powerful it must have stirred something up in me, I didn't even feel my legs, and somehow that didn't bother me even in NEW YORK'S HUMID SUMMER FOR TWENTY SOME ODD MINUTES listening to this ancient sound." This single experience gave Matt-Keyz the idea for his interpretation of a new spiritual dance music. "After attending the drumming sessions almost every sunday that summer and the summers to follow... "I learned of their development and how they came to be called "CONGO CIRCLE". "My first musical idea was with the 'six-eight' rhythm, incorporating a vocal chant singing percussive rhythms and a tenor recorder." Everyone thought Matt-Keyz had lost it; going against the normal dance beat in addition to challenging the DJ's blending/mixing skills with a beat that wasn't common at all. Matt-Keyz Echols and his partner D. J. Romain Gowe released a promo of the record on their label knowing it wouldn't have the success of other labels that release material similiar in nature. Finally, six months from its promo state, Wave Music picked-up the record "Six-Eight", releasing it officially. The record gained more respect internationally than as a promo, allowing for possible growth for a new group doing this kind of genre. The name Eternal Sun comes from a book describing a place where a sun so enormous will never die. Matt-Keyz feels his music is symbolic of a rhythm that has survived time. A vibe that has been passed on from generation to generation to be heard, appreciated and interpreted by all... for themselves. Look for Wave Music to release a forthcoming album from this talented outfit that keeps pushing the boundaries of dance music while staying true to their roots.

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