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I'm always ready to get nerdy And yes, it's always great advice to warn people about the voltage. Kids need their fathers.

Those Magnavox amps look cool. I also really dig the Stromberg Carlson console amps but they've gotten a bit of "buzz" so they're not super-cheap anymore.

Mine are ugly as sin right now so no pics yet, but they're Bogen Challengers (Push Pull amps based on somewhat rare 7868 power tubes) with basically everything swapped out. New caps, new output transformers from Edcor, new signal path, and I'm working on upgrading the Power Supplies (they use a solid state Voltage Doubler but I'd like to get a Tube Rectifier-based supply in there).

One cool thing about the Bogens (besides that they're cheap and roomy) is that they have a 12AX7-based Tone Control which I think sounds fantastic (again, for that big, tubby, vintage hi-fi sound). I converted that to 6N2P which is a Russian military tube almost exactly like a 12AX7:

I've come to really start appreciating tube amps. Somehow I had the idea that because they weren't 10 Zillion solid state watts, that they wouldn't deliver in a gig or that I would sound like a lead guitarist. How wrong I was.


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