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my testing photo

Sorry for the bad, messy pic...

but thought i would share it anyway...

the boxes are Altec Bolero 890As....

I bypassed the internal crossover,
and am going to turn some mini-smith horns to be used
in place of the Frazier horns/drivers on top of the cabinets now

the 10" 406As are fed with that Dynakit ST-70 (there are two of them total , one per box with a passive radiator )

the Frazier (soon to be ALtec 802G on mini-smith horn) is on a Crown D75

the Altec 3000G tweeter is fed with a crown D75 as well

I'll post some more pics whenever i get done with the horn building project, and complete refinishing the cabinets...

but they sound very nice for small "bookshelf" type speakers....

still have that Altec technicolor midrange

and when i'm done, i'll have them in a bookshelf...
woofers on top, tweeter in the middle, smith horn below

they'll look like this

.. #
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