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I have one in the booth too, my only complaint is to use the both sides of the efx sections to combine certain efx its like we physically need more hands?

with the rmx1000 I like the combination possibilities of efx routing and combination efx

but I was filming Maceoplex this past weekend and he was using the A&H xone92 with two guitar pedals, adam beyer too, loco dice.. cool analog builds.. the re-20 looks crazy too but I havent seen one in a touring dj rig yet

Traktor has powerful efx, but I like the new found inspiration to use more dynamic and analog efx to mix it up and bring a different element to the mix

Originally Posted by rs_
Not to sound like a broken record but the EFX-1000 has the highest throughput-fidelity of any DJ effects unit I know of.
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