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Originally Posted by mixalaki
Hi Disko ole thanks for your reply and recommendation.

Just wondering have you had any experience with the Jam Man? Is there a delay between the dry and effected sounds? Many thanks

Sorry, but I don't have any first hand experience with this unit. I'm trying to source one through the local ebay, but to no use so far...

Currently I have an EFX 500 which despite having horrible sound quality is still a nite effect unit imho.

With my Rane mixer the quality was really degraded as it was in the efx loop when activated and 100% of the signal came via the unit.

Now I have an ARS-4100 where I use the efx unit in a channel assignable send/return loop. So here I only use the wet signal from the efx and mix it in with the send/return knobs, so in one way the degrading sound quality of the efx 500 isn't so obvious since I have the wet signals mixed with higher emphasis on the channel signal :-)

Did think about the RMX-1000 for some time, but I have to get some hands on experience first as I have yet to try it out. I'm worried it might not work the way I'd like it to work so I'm open for replacing my EFX 500 with an EFX 1000 too if I can't find anything else with a reasonable price.
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