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Recommend a delay/echo unit to use with Urei 1620

Hi gang! I'm looking for a good delay/echo unit to use with a Urei 1620 and wondered what you would recommend.

Currently I'm using a Line 6 Echo Park guitar pedal. The input signal is coming from the headphone output via a splitter and the output is fed back to a free channel on the Urei via the aux inputs. This set up isn't ideal as there is a small amount of delay between the source signal and the effected signal which isn't noticeable when the bass/kick is cut but when it's not the kicks are slightly out.

I am reluctant to use the FX Loop as I would like the option to leave the effect to decay while bringing in another tune.

I was wondering if you could recommend a unit or if there is another configuration where this delay won't happen.

Many thanks!
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