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vinyl_junkie did you notice how Wayne stated that he left his CM/Labs company in the late 1960s and also designed all the electronics in the CMA-10-2DL. Reality is the DL did not come about till late 1976 as Mr.Beck stated with the dated original design schematics showing "approved by______" and no name signed. He told me this meant it was done in house and did not as of that date have engineers approval. When I talked to the head engineer who was personal friends with Rudy and was there from 1975-1989 and signed off on the design sheet for the DL mixer, he told me Rudy had nothing to do with the DL at all. In fact Rudy was trying to find a buyer to get out of the company all together. I am not saying Wayne wasn't involved in the DL but here again maybe he could be a little confused or I am reading his article wrong?

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