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vinyl junkie I seen that article also many years back. In fact that was the one that was forward to me to look into in 2006. My #1 post was addressed to that article by the person I stated is now near 80 years old and was with the company from the mid 1960s. Granted he was not there in 1960-1964 but he was personal friends with Rudy and his family from the 1950s and was giving his remembrance to the best of what he recalled prior to him becoming the chief engineer of the electronic not speaker division in 1965. As he stated to me at the time he was not saying anyone was a liar only that he remembered it quite differently. Just because the people I discuss this with years ago were not interested in setting up a large web site and posting all sorts of history timelines does not mean it was not a possibility to the CMA story. Keep in mind that most Bozak equipment used German components and that might make you wonder about the reference to a German/American company. When I asked Mr. Beck to answer this in 2006 he would only say that he owned early 60s up schematics and paper work and none actually indicated if they were done in house or by another company. All old paper work gives credit to CMA and not CM and that really does not tell us anything about what it stands for either. Rudy Bozak owned 50% of the Allen/Bradley Company yet in 1977 Bozak went to Alps to design the million turn black pots later used by UREI. Who really knows what is actually correct about CMA. You could tell people for years that you owned the company and if printed enough times on the web and was contained in so many archives people would probably believe it. All I am saying is there is a possibility that some of the large web sites could be mistaken a bit to make history favorable to them. By the way I found some interesting reading about Bozak on Micks Music Page from years ago also. It might be worth the time to read. I have several other interesting notes I kept from other original Bozak persons I will post here shortly for everyones enjoyment and consideration. I know several of them said they may have old factory photos. I will try to get a hold of them and post if possable.

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