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Final (Hopefully!) iteration of Front Panel on the way. I was realistic enough to expect to throw away one given the amount of mods, but two would be too much.

1) Switched to Anodized finish. The Powder Coating seems a little scuff-prone, not to mention that some of the tighter tolerances are affected by the thickness of the powder coat.

2) The Blue color was a bit controversial, but in real life it looks more like a Pultec than the garish way it shows up on the mockup:

3) Life is too short to put LED meters on gear. I'm using the Hairball Audio VU meter that I've used on a PTP LA-2A and on a kit-based pair of 1176's. Should work with minimal circuitry tweaking.

4) My unit was bought from a scrap heap missing top and bottom chassis panels. My wife is going to make a combination wooden frame/stand for it, with a little extra space on top for the Bozure ISO-1 PCB. Should be an attractive and elegant solution.


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