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Video on utube

Originally Posted by SBS Designs
This past monday Mainline had a Vinyl only throw down party at the store in queens.

Louie Vega called me sun afternoon to ask me to take apart of it and said Shorty its jus a throw down and wld be alot of fun like the old days you shld be there, I said yea ill go, Then he said gr8 & bring the SP-1 Tube Device & Iso-Q2 to get some hype on the line with locals let Frank check it out for the store, he said i wld bring mine but all my SBS Designs gear were shipped to FL for WMC, I said ok no prob. I also brang turntable boxes i built with floating suspension so feedback wld not be an issue.

Some reps from mackie and rcf were there, said they knew how the jbl product normally sounded, but with your SBS Designs product on them, it really made them sound amazing and warm, Frank from mainline also said rt away i notice the JBL product sounded more refined and alot warmer, these pieces kick butt.

ALOT of faces I havent seen in yrs was a wicked throw down, My friend Angel Moraes warmed it up nice. Angel had alot of great things to say about the Iso-Q2 & SP-1 Tube Device.

Kenny Dope did a 45 vinyl set playing breaks cutting it up on a Urei with floating turntables flawless.

Louie introduced his EOL album on Vinyl and it was mastered amazing & Todd Terry played a killer classics set.

Frank at mainline said this will be a monthly thing with guys, have round table discussions and jamm. looks like this will be alot of fun.

Frank had a wicked mod on the 1200, led lit platter, all pics can be seen here

of this KILLER Vynil only night
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