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studio 54, The Debut of the SBS Electronics Iso-Q2

SiriusXM goes SBS

Next Tuesday Oct 18th 2011 SiriusXM will be reopening Studio 54 for 1 more night to celebrate the Studio 54 radio station. They are bringing in the orig players, The orig Architect Scott Bromley, Managers Michael Overington, Doorman Marc Benecke and many more from Studio.

It has been a real treat to work with all these amazing people and the amazing staff at Sirius. Such a Honor to approach this room in its raw state and to work with this orig team to bring it back to life for 1 more night, only once in a lifetime will i get this orig team to work with in this special building, i am truely honored and blessed to hve this chance.

Its amazing how much the SBS Slammer at System has brang to SBS which is what got me this account, the president told me he wants a hifi system and if he has to sacrifice the look with big speakers on the floor because that what will sound the best thats what he wants, great to work with a guy that knows what he wants lol.

Working the last 6 weeks with the guys at Sirius have been amazing its nice to be in the corp meetings at Sirius and in production meetings in this raw space Studio 54. They are all concerned about everything they do works around the sound system so it sounds the best it can. It has been nice to get a phone call today from the President of Sirius thanking me for making everything so easy for them to understand and there life so easy its been a breeze for them they rarely have it with a vendor they say.

The Debute of the SBS Electronics Iso-Q2

For such an amazing event i have sped up production on this amazing new processor, and to be able to debute it in THIS Space with the orig djs from Studio 54 Nicky Siano and a few others and feed the board for the live feed on Sirius this amazing music thru this KILLER new processor for all to hear & having these djs hands on the SBS Iso-Q2 is even more amazing..

I will start a new thread soon on the Iso-Q2 soon with pre production spy pic, specs, feat, dimensions, warranty and prices.

i will be posting raw space pics of Studio 54 on my Facebook page and then dressed up party pics with the system pics on my Facebook page, ill put a few on wave for you guys to check out

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