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if you want silver MK II, Germany might be an option -
in Germany it is no problem to get 1200 MK II (silver); just take a look at; there are lots of german online shops who still sell the 1200 MK II (;;
unfortunately it seems to be impossible to get 1200 M3D in Germany (and other european countries); I have the same problem, I think M3D is the way to go these days, since that zero problem is solved, and I just donīt like that black finish (I think it has a strong relation to techno music - donīt laugh, the silver ones havenīt imo)
some say the 1200 M3D is going to europe in 2003, just because there are no more 1200 MK2 in stocks and so they have to ship silver m3dīs to europe
I donīt know
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