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Is Connecting An Amp's Inputs to a Source While Both are on Bad?

Assuming the volumes are all completely down and the speaker & headphone selectors are switched off to protect all the drivers, has anyone ever heard of things shorting out on properly functioning gear or caps being blown by simply connecting or changing the input leads (not talking about the speaker leads, of course) while the gear is on? Specifically, I think something happened to an amp of mine when I changed the interface cables to a different input to test it. I'll admit I was impatient and it wasn't as careful as I usually am, but I'm pretty sure I've done that before and never noticed this being an issue. I went from trying the RCA inputs to the TS phone inputs on the amp. If it's not normally something that should cause problems, I'm wondering if my Emu interface's jack outputs are defective in design, as it *may* have caused problems for a powered PA monitor, too, but I'm unsure.

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