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Originally Posted by tufftuff
The Grado cartridges provide fantastic detailing with a rolling high-end and defined lower bass to midrange. In this sense, it is a "warm" cartridge, rather than a "bright" cartridge, such as the AT440MLa.

In my testing, I found the Grado Prestige series to have very good imaging and tracking. WitThey are very good for the money.

However, be aware that Grado cartridges can pick up hum from local sources of electromagnetic interference such as the power supply of a Technics turntable.

It's been a week now with the Grado and I really like it. I also decided to upgrade my phono pre to the Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena: The special sauce with that pre is adjustable gain, adjustable load and it works off of DC current.

The combination sounds amazing and even better, I can adjust the gain on the phono pre to get a nice hot signal going into my RME Fireface UC.

Speaking of signal, does anyone have recommendations for how hot to get your source if one is archiving vinyl? If I record at 24bit/44.1 and dither down to 16/44.1, should I try and get the signal to peak at 0db when recording? I assumed I would get clipping if I was in the red for a while, but I could never get the RME Fireface to clip regardless of how I pushed it. What do you all do when archiving your vinyl?

best, Sasha
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