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Ah but I'm meerly a synth geek who likes turntables lol

Matching the cart to the phono stange is very important, Reticuli has quite a bit of know how on this subject and is key to a well balanced sound.

Think some might find this interesting:

Technics did have an issue with the new interconnects.
'AUGUST 6, 2010

There has been a change in the interconnect cable affecting the following models: Sl1200MK2. SL1210MK2, Sl1200MK5, SL1210MK5.
This changeover likely occured in product with 2009 date codes. So that would be serial numbers beginning (GE9A. 9 is 2009, A is January)
The change involves the interconnect cable electrical capacitance. The older cables had a total capacitance of approx 120pF, the new cable is approx 325pF. This change makes the newer models incompatible with most high output cartridges since the total load capacitance for uniform frequency response is typically under 300pF total. Most preamps have 100pF internal, some have more. Adding that to the 325pF of the cable will produce a peak in the high frequency response, with the most likely affect being exaggerated surface noise and sibilance.'

"'Resolution: KAB has notified Panasonic QC and send a letter to Pansonic, Osaka Japan on 8/6/10.
A response from USA has been recevied 10/13/10:
"There was a wiring change in production that did affect the cable capacitance of this model. As you know there are several factors to determine the overall capacitance of the system, but suffice it to say, the old cable had a lower capacitance. Because of the adverse effects, the factory has discontinued the new cable RJL2P001B12 and have reverted back to the old cable RJL4P002S12 in production, since September 2009." So it appears this will be corrected and eventually new production tables will have the original cable"
--The future scares me, any chance of a lift back to the past any one?--

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