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Strictly dubwise 2, nothing can stop the dub!

You also should buy some repress releases from this fantastic new french label Makasound : check "straight outta trenchtown" by Knowledge, a mix of the two albums produced by tapper Zukie. And for Christmas what are u gonna have? "Time and Place" and "Blackman's foundation", the two albums of hugh Mundell, mixed on one record " Blessed Youth" : this is what i call a "must must must must must must have". I don't know for the US, but these records were no more in sale in France since a long time.

So we started from dub to arrive to roots music after some stops in Germany or in the Bronx, "roots music is the one that comes from the heart",as misty in roots say; this is what dub rhytmic or technique is about, bass from heart, primitive happy feeling, just like white teeths on a black face that smiles, all this is about being generous.
Fly Natty Natty! Ruuuuule it!

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