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Originally Posted by Bartmixer
I am agree about the facts that i could choose a better cartridge, for a hardware like mine.

But tell me , what is the best choice to listenning to records and mixing with them and 70% of time with Serato......

Mixing with a Grado cartridge , is inappropriate ......

But i am thinking about modding a third technics mk2, for just only listen to records. And i will choice a respected audiophile cartridge......

Ortofon Broadcast is nice, Shure Whitelabel is ok.
Very good but hard to get are the old Staton 680EL.

And even the Ortofon DJ S sounds way better than the 44-7.
Even the 44G is better than the 44-7, to be honest for me the 44-7 is one of the worst sounding DJ cartridge out there.
But I love them on my PDX 2000 for sratching.
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