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Here are 2 shots

Originally Posted by SBS Designs
I wanted to post some info on my new Design that I am bringing to market called the SX-3.

The SX-3 is a 2 way 3 way Dual mono Analog X-over designed for Recording studios & any pro application.

The SBS Designs SX-3 is 1RU & features 12 front panel user controls.

3 gain controls for each band & Channel
2 Frequency choice pots for narrow & wide settings that are sweepable.
A Phase pot to adjust the phase from low band to the mid/mid high band if applications have phase issues on each channel.

If you use the SX-3 in 2 way mode the high out is independent so you can go to a high freq device have selectable freq and gain control this will NOT band limit the mid driver in 2 way mode, so your horn will still go up all the way.

The pic posted is a Pre production Prototype,

The SX-3 I/O XLR Bal and RCA unbalanced ins and outs.

SX-3 Internal info:
859 Solder Pads
606 Component Interconnecting Traces
301 Individual Through Hole Components.
115v 230v selectable on rear panel

The SX-3 has been secretly under wraps and in development for well over 2 yrs, and is now FINALLY coming to market.

Serious listening tests will be done on the Annabella A4H loudspeakers & MANY high end studios.

The All new SBS Designs SX-3 has a 10 yr warranty, The Release date, sometime 2013.

Specs & Results coming soon!

The 1st attachment the Waveform is the low and mid freq superimposed together.This shows it the waveform perfectly in phase after adjusting phase control.

What if speakers or room have phase issues?
See the 2nd pic attached to see how much phase shift the SX-3 can offer if needed for speakers or room issues.

No instruments needed, just turn phase knob until low to mid transition sounds the fullest, its that simple.

SX-3 Coming sometime in 2013
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