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Afflicted - Brazilian Soul Crew, Holi M

Listen/buy Afflicted -
Brazilian Soul Crew, Holi MHERE

The Brazilian Soul Crew is back stronger than ever with this musical gem to be released in the coming weeks. Peng Africa. Gentle afrotastic tribal-percussive rhythms, grand jazzy keys, heavenly synth melodies and Holi Moloi's paramount emotive rendition of the lyrics make the utterly soulful "Afflicted" a timeless soulful gem guaranteed to make you yearn for more. On top of the marvelous original version, you get an eclectic selection of superb remixes from the likes of Deep Cartel, Donato, Giorgio Basseti and Rancido all adding their distinctive soulful touch, making it next to impossible to pick a favorite version. By no means to be missed.

foreword by Michael Fossati

composed and arranged by Brazilian Soul Crew
written and vocals by Holi Moloi

additional remixes by
Deep Cartel
Giorgio Basseti

licensing -

artwork by
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