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I'm not a sound guy myself, so I can't really add much to the core of the discussion.

But regarding the huge number of Function One systems, I kind of can't help the feeling that F1 is becoming the "Pioneer" of sound systems...

In many forums (dj forums, that is) you have people talking about F1 systems in the same way many of them are drooling over the latest pioneer gear.

And many of the clubs look like posh bottle service places that would rather book the likes of David Guetta or Avicii and attract the respective crowd, thus dropping names that people know and impression numbers like "more than 100,000 Watts" seems to be the obvious thing to do for the author if he wants to seem relevant to his readers...

tl;dr: wondering why there are no GSA or SBS systems in that ranking is like wondering why david guetta is on #1 in the dj mag top 100....
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