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Baroo - AMFlow, Adam Rios, Mark Lewis

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>

PICK UP Baroo -
AMFlow, Adam Rios, Mark Lewis at TRAXSOURCE

• Adam Rios & Mark Lewis
• Baroo – (Original Raw mix)
• Baroo - (6am morning flow mix)
Produced & Mixed by Adam Rios and Mark Lewis (amflowmusic studios)
Mastered at Music & Soul by Michele Papa

One late night or should we say one early morning while playing a bass riff in the studio, one element became two elements and so on until we arrived at Baroo. Big thank you to Yogi Patel of Solid Garage (Toronto) for reminding us of this jam by sending us a snippet of Joe Claussell playing at groove odyessy ( We’re rounding the year off with this vault gem that hasn’t been released until now.

Adam Rios (ascap)
Mark Lewis(BMI)
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