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The holes are kind of optional, they help in my setup since I don't really have much room at the front because of the mixer and also the cables from the far right turntable would possibly have been just long enough without this hole. As you say it's an easy fix to add later if needed.

Good to hear that you sorted things out, mind sharing some photos?

My hooks are all placed with the same distance from each corner. I don't know what it's really supposed to be, but I found that this work well with my setup.

My rubber bands are a bit different from the ones posted though, they are just under 4" long and only 5/16" wide. I tried combining the setup with different types of rubber bands, but ended up using just one type since the selection at staples here is kind of limited.

Basically I use the same amount of rubber bands on each hook all the way around, 4 rubber bands in my case, and then I use the black knob on the underside to adjust and compensate for weight differences to make it as near level as possible. My exact setup is not tweaked to perfection so there's room for adjustments and improvements, but it's close enough and works well for me so I decided to not get to anal about it.

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