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Originally Posted by Lee In Montreal
SD cards are useless, especially for people running Macs.

What do you mean by this? I use SD cards with my CDJ-2000's, and I use a Mac. It works great. Unless you meant the older CDJ-1000 SD cards that stored cue data only?

Pioneer is pushing to keep laptops out of the booth. They had no choice but to put sync on their professional products to stay competitive.

Look at it as another tool, you don't have to use it. And it DOES open up some nice possibilities, even if you aren't using it for every mix, to better use quantized loops and extend mixes and such.

Fact of the matter is, if a DJ wants to be lazy and use auto-sync, they've been able to do it for years. And look at some of these "top" DJ's, with their equipment not even turned on or connected in some cases.

I think these are a nice upgrade to an already great deck.
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