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You should really read the manual. Also might want to check the Alesis site to see if your firmware is up to date, not needed but wouldn't hurt.

This should get you started:

1. Make sure you're in HD mode (button on the top right)
2. Set your sample rate, input source, word length or leave them as is
**use redbook, 44.1, 16 bit if you want to put seamless track markers in**
3. click playlist select
4. click the up or down buttons and find one that has zero tracks
5. click playlist edit
6. click new track
7. click record
8. set your levels
9. click play
10. when finished click stop

From here you can record a 1 track CD.
1. insert blank cd
2. click create cd
3. will ask some questions, yes to them (yes is same as the up key)

For a CD with track markers, the easy way:
1. Play your track you just recorded (the one on the masterlink's Hard Drive not the cd)
2. Using the scan buttons go to where you want the split and click pause
3. At the same time click these buttons: playlist edit & new track
4. it will ask you to confirm split, click yes
5. continue this for the rest of the recording/mix
6. insert blank cd
7. click create cd
8. will ask some questions, yes to them (yes is same as the up key)

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