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Not to sound like a broken record but the EFX-1000 has the highest throughput-fidelity of any DJ effects unit I know of. It's up there with the modern rackmount effects stuff like a Yamaha SPX-2000 or an Eventide in terms of preserving the dry signal. Extremely high headroom as well. The only thing I really dislike about the EFX-1000 is the "tin can" reverb, which is an auxiliary effect on all the Jog Wheel FX. Surely they could have done better with the processing power.

For a send-return configuration (my understanding is that the DJR400 can have a send-return or a wet/dry FX loop) the field is obviously a lot wider since the effects box is no longer in the main signal chain. I think the Strymon El Capistan is really cool (stereo tape delay emulator with tap tempo and looping), and something a little different but also nice is the Alesis Midiverb 1, which conveniently has stereo RCA connections. I like the Midiverb because even though a lot of people hate it for its 12-bit crudeness, I think it works great as a performance effect because you can really hear it. Decent analog section too (TL082 opamps, film caps).

I'm assuming that since you've got a small mixer you want an FX box of similar or smaller size. Therefore I didn't mention rackmount stuff. But I really like the Eventide H3000's personality if that's your kind of thing. I don't like modern TC FX for DJing, I think they are too timid and clean. One thing I'd like to try at some point is a TC 2290...


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