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Originally Posted by C_T
Originally Posted by C_T
Ended up purchasing the DJR400, but I still would love to get my hands on a PM5000 one day!
Come here and do so . Let me know, when you visit germany next time...

What should I tell you about this mixer?

1. Sound
2. Sound
3. BIG knobs

But let's not discuss about sound... djr, urei, pm5k etc. they all sound different but really good. That's it. I have no direct comparison to the others, but I can they that it's another world than the Pioneer, Denon and Tascam Mixers I know.

I ordered a customized version directly from phase accoustics. I think it's the better way to purchase a pm5000. Thus I could take the conductive plastic crossfader with the channels 1 and 2 on the left side and 3 and 4 on the right (not as labeled on the Mixer). For the pots I took the standard version. They are really great.
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