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SBS Designs SX-3 2way 3way dual mono xover

I wanted to post some info on my new Design that I am bringing to market called the SX-3.

The SX-3 is a 2 way 3 way Dual mono Analog X-over designed for Recording studios & any pro application.

The SBS Designs SX-3 is 1RU & features 12 front panel user controls.

3 gain controls for each band & Channel
2 Frequency choice pots for narrow & wide settings that are sweepable.
A Phase pot to adjust the phase from low band to the mid/mid high band if applications have phase issues on each channel.

If you use the SX-3 in 2 way mode the high out is independent so you can go to a high freq device have selectable freq and gain control this will NOT band limit the mid driver in 2 way mode, so your horn will still go up all the way.

The pic posted is a Pre production Prototype,

The SX-3 I/O XLR Bal and RCA unbalanced ins and outs.

SX-3 Internal info:
859 Solder Pads
606 Component Interconnecting Traces
301 Individual Through Hole Components.
115v 230v selectable on rear panel

The SX-3 has been secretly under wraps and in development for well over 2 yrs, and is now FINALLY coming to market.

Serious listening tests will be done on the Annabella A4H loudspeakers & MANY high end studios.

The All new SBS Designs SX-3 has a 10 yr warranty, The Release date, sometime 2013.

Specs & Results coming soon!
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