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Thanks guys :-)

John-Martin, I actually prefer having the EQ-module at the bottom. No trouble with brushing against the EQs either, but if you use the cross-fader it's easy to get into trouble because of the headphone cord. I rarely use the crossfader though, and I'm sure there's no worries as long as you're conscious about it.

I must confess though, it looks kind of strange to have the EQ module at the bottom, but to me it just felt more natural. I think I've had it like this for most of the time I owned this mixer actually.

There's a couple of things I even see as being an advantage by having it this way. First, if you want use the cross-fader, now it's more available due to that there's no knobs in the way. It simply doesn't feel as cramped. And for some reason I think it's easier to choose the right set of EQ knobs to turn without having to take a look at the mixer. My "turning the wrong knobs"-rate must have gone down by a lot of percentages by doing this, lol.
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