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I decided to build a new console this summer, and here's the result!

I don't know if anyone remember the other console I posted some time back, maybe a couple of years ago, but I think this new one is way better in many ways.

I resized it a bit so I don't have to keep eating all those bananas just to reach the pitchfader on my turntables, lol. Also, I mounted piano hinges on the front of this one, so even though it's not really adjustable now, it will be when I either make it motorized or when I make something to keep it in 2-3 fixed positions. I think the current position it's in works great, so I'm not really in a hurry about doing anything about it right now.

Also, I wanted to make some turntable isolation as my old one didn't have any at all. Did some testing with tennis balls and tape rolls, but found that the old rubber band trick on a board was best for me. Not that I really need any of this at home, but I did it for fun. Besides, somehow I feel it's more authentic that way.

Hope you like it, because I do
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