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Originally Posted by atf104
I was playing records and cd's for about an hour or two trying to feel out exactly what you're saying but couldn't quite nail it. It definitely has a weird curve. The last 20% feels kinda flat, but right at the end I noticed it kicks up a bit. It just doesn't feel linear by any means. I'll get hell for this but quality aside the Pioneer faders on an 800 feel nicer and have a more linear taper imo. In the end I'd rather use a rotary any day of the week, but again, was just expecting a bit more from Rane on this one.

This is why I sold my A&H mixer. This seems to be the current trend for some reason (cost?) and most new mixers have the problem. Having a good log fader curve certainly mattered more before mixers had a pre-gain knob on the front panel and you actually had to mix by ear. Now a lot of DJs just set the level with the pre-gain and cue meters then slam the faders up and down as quickly as possible.

For everything wrong with Pioneer, they certainly get the fader curve right on almost every mixer they make. I think that is a large part of why they are easy to use for beginners and a large part of why people who have only used Pioneers have serious problems when they try to use anything else. I know that I mix much more smoothly when the curve is right and it has become one of the major things I look for in a mixer.

The problem is not exclusive to slide mixers. While my original UREI is good and my FF6000 slide is good, the rotary kit for the FF6000 has a bump in the curve at the beginning that is very disconcerting.

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