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Well on Numark's old analogs master unity is either just max or 45 degrees to the upper left, and on their PPD01 it's max and on the PPD9000 it's 12 o'clock (so that's a 5?), but on the latter with the hard limiter on you can go to 3 o'clock to hotten up the signal and get the soft channel limiting to match up the hard limiter redlining.

So is the Rane 44 master volume control unity at 7? The worst thing were really old mixers that not only had something like that, but had the headphone volume on a fader. Ouch.

I think I need to get some studio fader caps for my PPD9000. I miss those types of caps from the SCM7500 I had briefly. Resistance + studio caps is a nice combo for mixing. One of the old Ranes like the 22 or 24 used them, I think. I don't mind that the Xone 62 has those, but it lacks the resistance to really need them.
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