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This was the MP24:

It was really a legendary mixer many were fond of, including me. This was discussed in another thread, but basically in the Philly area (and many others) when the Urei rained (no pun intended) supreme in NYC, the MP24 was the install mixer of choice.

I actually really loved this mixer and it was at the club where I had my first residency, around 95 or so. It was a staple for a while until the 2016 came out which kind of stole a good portion of the thunder away from the premier MP24. Rane tried updating it around 2000 or so (I may be off by a few years here) with the MP44, but I don't really know anyone that really took to it like the old MP24 which just felt soooo much more solid, almost Urei'like in a slide mixer.

I haven't seen one in years let alone installed one and really run one through its paces until now but I can say its just no MP24.
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