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The face plate is made by a german company. (also in english)

I live in Berlin

You can download a wonderful CAD-like program on their website. It is their own product, so you only need to upload thee data it creates and you will have your faceplate a few weeks later. Very easy! It's only difficult to measure every hole exactly... But I could give you my file if you want to try it.

Here a screenshot:

I postet some more fotos in the "pictures" thread on page 43...

The faceplate made 95€ incl. shipping. 5x Blue Velvet made about 60€.
The Mixer I bought on ebay for about 60€ I think...

All together <250€

Oh, I forgot the knobs:

I replaced all of them with Sifam knobs. Sifam comes from UK but maybe you find a local distribution. 10 big knobs cost about 30€.

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