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Rane MP 24 Question.

First off, as a long time lurker, let me say thanks for the bottomless well of knowledge contained in these pages. I've spent many evenings looking at custom consoles and mixer modifications etc

I own a couple of Rane MP 24 mixers, one i'm selling and the other I want to fix up and use as a spare once i've bought a Urei

The problem I have with it is that there is something wrong with the master output (I think) It seems to be really easy to distort, I have to keep it really low to avoid this, and as such i'm not getting much volume from it. I've been using the booth outputs which sound much cleaner, and much louder.

Any ideas?

Also, is there a method to remove crackle from the crossfader? I don't actually use it so it's not too important. What causes this? Dirt? Age?

Many thanks.
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