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Originally Posted by SBS Designs
I just wanted to post about AES if anyone is going, SBS Designs will be in booth 2565 with a full working demo booth to hear the Designs.

I will have Iso-Q2, SP-1 the SX-3 dual mono Analog over and a concept that I might bring to market in 014.

I will have S1 S2 S4 & S6 amplifiers on LSR 32 monitors biamped and Adamsons on S6

The 2013 AES Show.

Eric Wayne on the SBS Designs Demo at AES.

ANYONE that has been in the industry knows Eric Wayne, he has worked with Greats Les Paul and so many more, just to many to mention!

Back round on Eric,

A Veteran in pro audio since 1971 Eric has seen and heard it all from Every manufacturer from 1971 to now. Eric is also JBLs LARGEST recone center NATION WIDE.

Eric Below speaks on the SBS Designs Rack. Eric usually uses Mcintosh on the LSR 32 by JBL. The Mcintosh MC 2200 or MC 2125 is his 2 amps of choice Eric LOVES Mac amps.

AES 2013

Eric during AES was telling industry veterans u Gotta hear this SBS Designs system demo it, He was telling Numerous industry pros,

I don't know what he is doing but that's the Best these JBLs ever sounded, He even told Marc Gander JBL chief designer of the LSR 32!

Eric Wayne of Consolidated Audio & Gabriel sound.

Best sound I heard there and best Speakers ever sounded. NO SHIT !!!

I have no clue what you are doin there but it does what I said . I'd stand by that!

I see the processing as a tool for post production & Mastering.


Eric & Todd are so into the SBS Designs they said we should do a demo and invite many industry to hear everything in a control room setting thru a huge mixing console.

I am scheduling a SBS Designs demo at Gabriel sound with a mix console and inviting industry to audition SBS Designs in an controlled inviorment to use in the studio, Live PA & Night club Applications.

Details soon...

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