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Richi, thanks for the input. I went back-and-forth on this subject, believe me...

I spent a few hours mixing on the prototype to settle on this layout. The black is for "utility items" and the white is for "main items", and this combined with the knob colors works pretty well to differentiate between the main sections and the "utility" sections. Since I'm not using line art on the faceplate, this is effective as a visual guide.

As far as the orange text color, it was not chosen lightly, and it is only used in two places: on the Isolator On (formerly FX Loop) switch and on the Frequency legend for the Isolator. My aim is to provide visual continuity between the Isolator Switch and the Isolator Section, since it is not necessarily intuitive that they are connected because of the distance apart. In a perfect world I could have moved the switch closer but that's beyond the scope of this mod.

Absolute worst case I can repaint some of the text...


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