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Originally Posted by Lime Twig
Looking sharp, Jaysoul! Really top notch. You're going to have a lot of long, enjoyable hours playing on that console.

Are you going to be able to expand your rack spaces in the future? I see you've only given yourself one 6 or 7RU cut-out for the mixer, iso, etc. Even if you don't have more gear now, you may well get more in the future. How easy will it be to make additional cut-outs once that front panel is attached?


Thanks for the comments guys.

The cut out for the mixer is currently just big enough to fit my Urei and E&S isolator. I have no immediate plans to add any more equipment so this should be fine for now. It should be easy enough to cut extra spaces in the future if needed without having to actually take the thing apart.

Out of curiosity... what other rack mounted equipment do you think would be of benefit!?
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