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Thanks, The Final

Originally Posted by
congrats on killing the show...

is the SP1-PRO a different variant offering,
or the final name?

by the way, I picked up a used amplifier from that company you used to
work with.... it is an outstanding sounding amplifier

I trust the current batch of product you are working with
is of the same, possibly higher caliber...

Name is the SBS Designs SP-1PRO and is a different offering to SP-1 or any other tube processor avail, The PRO which is Designed & Intended for Recording Studios, Mastering suites & Live PA is due out sometime in 2014 The AES show demo SP-1PRO was a 1 off concept Proto type, and was a test bed unit to see if it was what the market would want, but with such a response showing there is a market for SP-1PRO, I decided to go forward with the production of SP-1PRO.

The show went amazing Magazines that auditioned SBS Designs want to do product reviews, Many mastering & mix engineers, product reps @ AES were even telling people to check out SBS Designs and said this line is unreal.

Legends in the industry Marc Gander from JBL loved the way SP-1PRO, Iso-Q2,SX-3 Prototype, S2 & S4 amps sounded on the LSR 32 monitors that he designed, he had a HUGE smile on his face listening THAT said it all! Marc mentioned that u make the slightest adjustment on SP-1PRO & Iso-Q2 and you really hear it, he really liked them and said gr8 products they sound wonderful.

Allen Sides from Ocean Way studios and monitors, Herb Pump Powers JR Loved SP-1PRO & said the Iso-Q2 is like a Pultec and i`d like to use it to master with, and the SP-1PRO, Herb really had amazing things to say, he said the Line is really high end and sounds great. Manufacturers BAE, Focal, Avalon & many many more came thru and all were really into SBS Designs, alot of veterans said they wished these were avail when we were mixing in studios.

The entire S Series amp line have been improved in every way. From Manufacturing to the Pre amp stage, circuit board layout, over all circuit designs & greater products offered, heat sinks on the smaller amplifiers, components I am having made to our spec are all superior for far greater results. The processing is just really over the top.

Implementing and designing the S series amplifiers on a higher end level they are performing, measuring & sounding greater as well. All these improvements allow SBS Designs offer a 10 yr warranty, unlike the 3 yrs from the past units from that other company i was involved with.

Many studio owners like Troy Germano from Germano Studios (Former Hit factory owner) Anthony C at 440 sound studios replacing 3 bryston 4 b amps on his Augspurgers for 1 S2 & 1 S4, Roey Shimer @ Area51 in nyc to name a few.

Mix engineers Like Multiple Grammy award winning engineer David Hall at Blackbird studios in Nashville is blown away by S2 & Love Iso-Q2 as a program eq. 2 stores in Hollywood have the S series on the floor offering SBS Designs to clients. Major mastering engineers and other mix engineers in MAJOR studios want to audition amps now for both the studios and mastering facilities.

Ocean way is now spec`ing the S2 & S5 on there HR2 loud speakers. Ocean way is enjoying the S series amplifiers. They love the S6 as well.

The S series amps are out performing other legendary amps in pro & in home hifi applications as well.

A MAJOR manufacturer is now speaking to me about showing there Mastering loudspeakers on SBS Designs for NAMM, Thats how much they enjoyed the way the SBS Designs booth sounded at AES.....

as always thanks for the kind words, Best Shorty

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