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it looks like you may be able to with the correct parts.

I'll have to ask Buzzy but this one looks a little odd and definitely modified. In the back it seems like it is marked CMA 10-2D but the front is marked CMA-6-2S
Check out this one on ebay: 0318e2d

Originally Posted by sense
Does anyone know anything about this unit. Can it be modified to be a DJ Mixer? Or can I use the parts for my CMA-10-2DL ?

BOZAK "Panning" Mixer / Amplifier Model CMA-6-2S, with meters. Six microphone level inputs, Lo Z balanced via XLR connectors, each may be "panned" continuously from left to right, or vise versa. Front panel controls include “INPUT 1”(gain) thru “INPUT 6”(gain) and "L – R"(one each above input gain), "MASTER GAIN", "MONITOR LEVEL", "BASS" and "TREBLE" (X2 for Left and Right), "METER" (0, +12, +24dB) (X2 for left and right), "Prevue Select" 1-2-3-4-5-6, "Monitor Select" Prev - Norm, and “OFF – ON”(power). Front Panel “MONITOR” is via 1/4” female stereo phone. Other outputs at rear chassis: “TAPE / HiZ” via RCA's, and “MIXER OUTPUT” via male XLR's. Dimen: 20”W (w/ case) x 8”H (w/ case) x 14.5”D (incl knobs) (standard 19” rack mount x 7” {4 RU}). Net weight: 31 lbs. I just tested the unit, and all functions work well. Unit is available at local sale also. Buyer to pay only actual shipping cost plus $10 packing and handling. Thanks for looking.

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