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Linear actuator

I got mine off ebay. There is the exact same one up now from the same guy. Its a 10 in stroke which the way i mounted mine goes form slightly more than 45 deg to level. I could adjust the mounting point to get more angle if i wanted. The actuator i got is just right. It has built in limit switces at the ends so it stops at full extention and retraction automatically. I can also stop it any where inbetween. It moves nice and slow so getting it to the desired angle is no problem. At the ends it has holes for a pin or bolt. I had to make my own hardware but that wasn't hard at all. Mounting it is straight forward. On one end you can see i used 2 L brackets and at the other i used a staight bar. I drilled the holes out some to accomate the larger bolt. And on the L's i cut the some with a hack saw so at full retraction it didn't interfear with the body of the actuator. I looked at grainger and mcmaster car at first but found for the price I got alot more with the one off ebay, and i also like it comes with all you need. Just add bateries for the remote and plug it in. Check out this link. 776&rd=1

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