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Originally Posted by 1620_nz
Yep, quality vinyl is becomming a lost art. So many re-issues but few of them live upto the original pressings.

Ron Murphy @ NSC was a big loss to Techno, really loved his work, you can be digging a 2nd hand record shop and put a record on the 1200 and you know Ron cut it without even looking for "NSC" in the runout grooves. I recently replaced some knackered Basic Channel/ Maurizio 12"s which were cut by Ron and sounded really natural, I replaced them with the Dubplates & Mastering re-cuts and they don't sound nearly as nice (but they are louder, not that i care).

Nilz @ Exchange could also cut loud without removing dynamic. One of my faves has to be Herb Power Jr. Such a pity that these days he's not cutting vinyl but mastering hip-hop records too hot.

Mark Richardson cuts nice natural sounding vinyl, dynamic but a little quiet by todays 'loudness wars' standards, but i guess thats what the volume / input gain knob is for. (I don't know what happened with his mastering of Round Two "New Day" on Mainstreet Records though).

Quiet records would give me butterflies in my tummy when I'd first put them on a deck, I guess because I knew something special was about to happen on some level when I cranked the volume as soon as I realized they were very conservative masters. I wouldn't even think logically about it, just anticipated it emotionally. Anything super hot or cluttered sounding wasn't even going to last long before it'd start sounding like muck on playback. Experience I guess conditioned me in the opposite direction of the loudness wars. I'm not a victim. I'm a survivor.
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