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Louie Vega uses SP-1

with his Iso-Q2 at Cielo Nov 2012 Thanksgiving eve Roots Flashback party links

Recent feedback on the SBS Designs SP-1 Tube Device on my Facebook page

Louie Vega Thanksgiving eve 2012 Roots Flashback party uses the SP-1 Tube Device with the Iso-Q2....

(Louie Vega feedback on SP-1 again) Louie Vega comments- Love the sp-1 shorty. Great enhancement piece! I want one for me ! ent

Hope all had a gr8 Thx giving here

The SP-1, Iso-Q2 and S Series amps are in stock and can be shipped when The Designs are ordered.

SBS Designs takes all forms of payments, Major credit cards and ship global.

Major news for SBS Designs about to drop soon stay tuned

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