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I got it secondhand, for a decent price, worth the money. Now that I've tried it, I'm happy that I didn't buy a new one.
the sound is good, with a great bass response. the mids and highs are indeed laidback, the mids could be bit clearer in my opinion. My Freevox sounds better, thats for sure, but it lacks the fun factor that the vestax has.
The VU meters are indeed a gimmick, there are LED's for the channels, so why not put LED's for the master? but hey, they look cool

The faders and pots feel good, but they aren't all that special. the pots are all Alps, both in the isolators and the gain knobs. Nothing special, but good pots nonetheless. the faders are a bit of let down, I expected something expensive, like railed, magnetic, non contact etc, but theyre just beefy carbontracks.
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