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Originally Posted by jsd540
1. I am re loading and analyzing in traktor and tons of tracks are analyzing at 1/2 speed. For example 124 bpm becomes 62 bpm

What have I done wrong this has never happened before.

Sometimes this will happen no big deal, hit the x2 button.
What is your bpm range in Traktor?
If you are only playing tracks in a specific range (ia 115 - 130) than change the bpm range.

Originally Posted by jsd540
2. I am buying new stuff next week are there any best practices on how I can keep these new trax Isolated and easy to find while I get used to them without creating the ton of folders I just finished cleaning up ?

Any Ideas are welcomed...

Like Digitalis I use the Itunes playlist. (Set to "imported last 30 days" or something like this )
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